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You can find all our current and upcoming features about our platform

Global leaderboard

Global leaderboard system where players across different platforms share the same scores

Facebook Leaderboard

Login with facebook account and compete your friend's score and post scores to facebook.


Define your game rules and let the player compete in a game using their virtual credits. Winner takes all!

Turned based games

Turned based gameplay for the play to play anytime they want to

Real-time multiplayer framework

We've made a ready to use real-time multiplayer framework using Photon to integrate esports features to multiplayer games easily.

In game Chat

Players can talk inside the game or in lobby while waiting for other players or for fun.

Cross promotions

Cross promote your games to get the maximum downloads across your games.

Real gifts for the players

We exchanged their virtual credits for a gift that they really wanted as a prize.

Our Revenue sharing model

We always make sure that we take the fair amount of revenue sharing options since you made the game with your hard works.

We took only 15% of your total earnings by using our platform. As part of it, we market your games for free if we find that your game really has potential by integrating with our platforms.


Monetising from a good game has never been easier!